Gault House is transitional housing and not a storage facility!

Bring only the following items


3-4 pair of long pants

3-4 pair of short pants

7 pair od socks

7 underpants

7 shirts

1 pair of tennis shoes / trainers

1 pair of slippers / flip-flops

1 warm jacket

1 set of clothes for formal occasions such as a court proceeding

Not permitted

Desktop computers, printers/photocopiers/faxes, xbox/game consoles, TV’s

Electrical appliances, tools, equipment, furniture

Mouth wash, alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia or weapons


Toiletries / toothbrush & toothpaste / shampoo / shaving gear / soap etc.

30 days supply of any and all medications

Payment for any fees that will be required before your entry.

Photo ID

Any 12-step literature, pen and paper

Quarters for the coin operated laundry

Washing soap for the laundry

Bedding, sheets, blanket, pillow and bath towel

Groceries, food for the first few days

Optional; Cell phone, iPad, Laptop, bicycle, vehicle (street parking only)