Overcome Addiction

Responsible Recovery L.L.C. operates the Gault House, a sober living home for men and woman, who choose to live together. The Gault House is a sober living environment free from illicit drugs and alcohol so you alleviate addictive behavior.

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Stefan with Red Surfboard in Lounge at Gault House A Sober Living Home - Responsible Recovery

Reasons to live at the Gault House:

  1. No use of illicit drugs or alcohol by any resident
  2. Improve your health, physically and spiritually
  3. Central location to shops, buses, jobs, beaches, gyms
  4. Many recovery meetings near our sober living home
  5. Strong camaraderie in Santa Cruz recovery community
  6. Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to work on your recovery
  7. Only two people in most bedrooms, not crowded
  8. Strong management structure to guide your recovery
  9. Service opportunities to the recovery community
  10. Many job opportunities in Santa Cruz

Elements of a Responsible Recovery Lifestyle:

  1. Live with other people who are committed to sobriety
  2. Eat healthy, do some exercise & get good sleep.
  3. Get a job & attend recovery meetings
  4. Get a sponsor (or two) who can give you guidance
  5. Learn accountability through chores & service
  6. Learn to love again in a sober living home
  7. Be honest with yourself and others
  8. Learn to say “No”
  9. Talk about your feelings
  10. Get new hobbies and interests

The Gault House A Sober Living Home - Responsible Recovery

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