Overcome Addiction

Responsible Recovery L.L.C. operates the Gault House, a recovery residence for men and woman, who choose to live together, free from illicit drugs and alcohol and addictive behavior.

Call (831) 818-1186

Reasons to live at the Gault House:

  1. No use of illicit drugs or alcohol by any resident
  2. Many AA/NA recovery meetings within walking distance
  3. Central location to shops, buses, jobs, beaches, gyms, library, etc
  4. Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to work on your recovery
  5. Strong management structure to guide your recovery
  6. Only two people in most bedrooms, not crowded
  7. Opportunities to be of service to the recovery community

Responsible Recovery’s Podcast

Stories of Addiction – a podcast from Responsible Recovery. This podcast features real people talking about real recovery. Get inspired, get in action, and get sober by following in the footsteps of other addicts who have walked the path of recovery before you. You don’t have to do it alone, and you should not do this alone. That’s why we’re here. That’s why you should listen. Download a new episode and listen to it any time you need an uplifting voice in your ears. The Recovery Lifestyle is fun, healthy and fulfilling. We will help you to achieve it.

Elements of a Responsible Recovery Lifestyle:

  1. Live with other people who are committed to sobriety
  2. Eat healthy, do some exercise & get good sleep.
  3. Get a job & attend recovery meetings
  4. Get a sponsor who can give you guidance
  5. Get some hobbies/interests that you enjoy
  6. Learn accountability through chores & service commitments

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